Matt Rhoads and Bonni Stachowiak

Igniting Your Teaching with Educational Technology has shared various educational technologies to help you with classroom management, utilizing learning management systems, assessing student learning, establishing collaborative communication with students and colleagues, and expanding your learning through social media and in building a professional learning network (PLN). This book explored a variety of factors to consider when selecting educational technology.

As a new teacher, you have vast resources to leverage in your classroom and experiences from more experienced educators to emulate. Our hope is that you are prepared to use educational technology in your classroom, beginning with your student teaching experience and during your first year of teaching. Also, we hope you have the ability to decipher and select the tools and applications that will be the most suitable for your classroom and practice as a teacher. Be judicious in selecting the tools and applications, yet be creative and imaginative in how you utilize them in your practice as an educator.

Finally, we hope you have the foundational skills to continue growing professionally using social media. With social media and an established personal learning network (PLN) at your disposal, the learning never ends. Every day, new educational technology becomes available for use, in addition to strategies of how to use them. Therefore, take your learning to the next level by continuing to learn and explore the breadth and depth of tools and applications available by searching online and shared by others within your professional learning network (PLN).

This book was written by a group of experienced educators who care deeply about your success as a teacher. We are grateful you took the time to explore this resource, as a means for enhancing your teaching through the use of educational technology. Your students are going to have their learning enriched through your commitment to continuous learning in your profession. Thank you for investing your time in developing your knowledge and skills and for reading Igniting Your Teaching with Educational Technology.